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Commercial Cleaning

Reliable Professional Cleaning for Offices, Retail & Light Industrial Workplaces.
Klear offers a comprehensive commercial cleaning service for workplaces of any shape and size.
Reliable Professional Cleaning for Offices, Retail & Light Industrial Workplaces.


Klear offers a comprehensive commercial cleaning service for workplaces of any shape and size.

We recognise that the needs of every client are different. That’s why our highly experienced supervisors work closely with you to design a bespoke cleaning regime to your precise requirements.


As industry experts with an array of qualifications and accreditations, we can fulfil all types of brief from very generalist cleaning to tackling more complex matters that require specialised techniques, equipment, processes or treatments.

By choosing Klear, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a trustworthy, family-run firm who can be relied upon not only for their expertise, but to honour your job specification, access times and security arrangements. That’s because we care, and unlike many of our competitors, we have invested in job management software to ensure our staff know exactly where they are going, what they need to do… every time!

Klear takes pride in our professionalism. Our team are all DBS-checked and will be qualified to at least the British Institute of Cleaning Standards (BICS) LTP standard. We implement the highest health and safety standards, and of course all of our work is fully insured for your peace of mind.

Choose Klear as your trusted and professional commercial cleaning contractor.

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What do Klear CS commercial cleaning services typically include?

  • Wiping and dusting all reachable surfaces

  • Sanitising door handles and light switches

  • Glass, wood, and mirror polishing

  • Cleaning computer and Phone surfaces 

  • Sanitising showers, sinks, and toilets

  • Cleaning & degreasing kitchen surfaces

  • Wiping cabinets and appliances (outside)

  • Microwave (both inside and outside)

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Vacuuming carpets

  • Cleaning baseboards

  • Cleaning mini-blinds

  • Vacuuming and swiffering floors

  • Cleaning glass doors and interior windows

  • Removing rubbish and recycling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we need to supply cleaning products and equipment?

A. No! You don’t need to provide any supplies or equipment, and no longer have to maintain stock of cleaning supplies and appliances. We can bring everything we need when we come to your site, if that’s what you prefer.

Q. Can you clean my gutters / windows / exterior facades etc?

A. Yes!, Yes! and Yes! We have the staff and expertise to cover all of these hard-to-reach areas, and more! Take a look at some of our other services for more information.

Q. What hours do you work? Do we have to have you weekly?

A. Our working hours are hugely flexible and across the team, we deliver contracts that start as early as 5am and end as late as 12pm. We will happily adjust to your working timetable, providing our service daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, during or after working hours.

Q. What areas of the country do you work in?

A. We have clients all across Yorkshire and beyond. We work very regularly in Sheffield, Leeds, Doncaster, Rotherham, Worksop, Barnsley, Pontefract and Huddersfield. If your site is based outside Yorkshire, distance is not usually a problem but please do call our office to discuss your project.


Q. I’m a bit concerned about the use of chemicals. What can you offer us?

A. We have access to an exhaustive range of cleaning products and regularly work with clients who have a preference for eco-friendly or hypo-allergenic products. Just let us know your choices and we’ll take care of the rest.

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“Klear have been a joy to work with. They immediately improved upon our previous service and have provided quality and reliability ever since!”

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