Street cleaners

Street Cleaning Services


Klear CS have the skills, equipment and experience required to carry out street cleans in towns and cities that requiring attention  due to the popularity of their pubs and food outlets, as well as the problems associated with the homeless population.

Our staff are experienced in observing and handling risks that a  cleaner would not ordinarily encounter, which are over and above normal servce and although they are not expected to undertake any activity that may risk their own Health or Safety or that of others.

Services can be fine tuned to suit your requirements but include cleaning properties and streets, with all litter being collected and disposed of, and any windows and doorways being cleaned as appropriate.


Deodorising sprays are applied as necessary.


Our operatives can also patrol the entire area using a mini-road sweeper, and removing litter, human waste, drug paraphernalia, rough-sleeper evidence and personal belongings.

Our Cleaning Mastery

Klear CS are skilled in removing all kinds of dirt from all kinds of surfaces, working fast and faultlessly, moving from area to area, using only the best cleaning products and techniques to return the area to normal.

We have all of the necessary kit and supplies

You don’t need to provide any supplies or equipment.

Dealing with the extraordinary

We are experienced in dealing with the cleansing and removal of waste some would consider to be out of their jurisdiction.

We provide reliable and background-checked cleaners

Our operatives are screened and insured to give you peace of mind with us in your premises. We are professionals in what we do, and we take pride in a personalised approach to every client, high safety standards, and unparalleled cleaning expertise.

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Why do you need Klear CS for Street Cleaning Services?

Our street cleaning services are requested by;

  • Shopping Centres

  • Councils

  • Street/Park event organisers

  • Concerts organisers

What do our Street Cleaning packages include?

Removal of;

  • Soil, gravel and litter

  • Residual dirt

  • Stains on the pavement

  • Other materials which cannot be removed from the pavement using usual cleaning methods.

  • Cardboard and/or newspaper

  • Faeces, Sick, Bodily Fluids

  • Personal items including clothing and sleeping bags.

  • Bottles, Cans or Smashed glass

  • Needles

  • Litter

  • Human waste

  • Drug paraphernalia

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“Klear have been a joy to work with. They immediately improved upon our previous service and have provided quality and reliability ever since!”

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