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Exterior Cleaning, Jet Washing & Graffiti Removal


Klear CS Limited handle the whole commercial cleaning process from toilets to washing floors to coffee mugs – catering to your individual business needs and working schedule.

Outdoor surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements with general dirt, dust and grime getting deep into them resulting in an un-kempt even un-loved look.


Jet Washing is the most useful way to make the surface look brand new and keep on top of it to preserve the surface for years to come. Pressure Washing is also the best method for removing graffiti off brick and stone surfaces.

Jetwashing to remove any offending “artwork”, can be followed up with a coat of anti-graffiti paint, which means that any further instances can be washed off much easier.

Our Cleaning Mastery

Klear CS are skilled in removing all signs of grime, mould and graffiti, whether working at heights or ground-level, with cleaning products and techniques specifically designed for the task at hand, to restore the external surfaces of your property to it’s former glory, or as close as possible.

We have all of the necessary kit and supplies

You don’t need to provide any supplies or equipment, and no longer have to maintain stock of cleaning supplies and appliances.

We will provide any additional equipment as required such as cheryy-pickers, lifts, etc.

We help create stellar first impressions

Make sure that your clients, employees and the local population get the right impression. Make a fantastic first impression and then make it a lasting.

You choose the time and frequency!

We will happily provide our service on an ad-hoc basis or regularly - what ever you need. 

We provide reliable and background-checked cleaners

Our operatives are screened and insured to give you peace of mind with us in your premises. We are professionals in what we do, and we take pride in a personalised approach to every business, high safety standards, and unparalleled cleaning expertise.

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Why use Klear CS for your External Cleaning requirements?

An external clean is the most beneficial way to make your building look brand new, and helps to preserve the surfaces for years to come.

Having a dirty façade or graffiti gives customers, employees in-fact anyone who sees it, the impression that the building is un-cared for.

What do our Exterior Cleaning packages include?


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·    Dirt and Grime

·    Windows and Doors

·    Graffiti Removal

·    Bird Guano Removal

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“Klear have been a joy to work with. They immediately improved upon our previous service and have provided quality and reliability ever since!”

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